To learn more about the latest in space exploration, watch these short presentations from some of our leading space engineers and experts at the 2019 International Astronautical Congress.


Artemis Program

with Timothy Cichan

LMIQ Talks_Artemis_Timothy Cichan

McCandless Lunar Lander

with Josh Hopkins

LMIQ Talks_McCandless Lunar Lander_Josh Hopkins

Human Spaceflight

with Vanessa Aponte

LMIQ Talks_Human Spaceflight_Vanessa Aponte

Human Spaceflight

with Danielle Richey

LMIQ Talks_Human Spaceflight_Danielle Richey

Lunar Habitat 

with William Pratt

LMIQ Talks_Habitat_William Pratt

Lunar Habitat

with Steven Ramm

LMIQ Talks_Habitat_Steven Ramm

Lunar Habitat

with Joshua Ehrlich

LMIQ Talks_Habitat_Joshua Ehrlich

Deep Space Exploration

with David Murrow

LMIQ Talks_Deep Space Exploration_David Murrow

AstroRad Vest

with Kathleen Coderre

LMIQ Talks_StemRad_Kathleen Coderre

MILO Space Science Institute

with Lon Levin

LMIQ Talks_MILO Institute_Lon Levin

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